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The Curriculum

Sunflower understands that children learn best through hands-on, interactive lessons and experiences. We use theme-based learning to spark children's imaginations and desire to learn. Our themes incorporate an interdisciplinary and multi-sensory approach, ensuring that each style of learner finishes the day with new knowledge.

Each individualized theme incorporates literacy, math, science, stories, games, dramatic play, and physical movement. Our themes are designed to develop the whole child and cover all areas of development: Social-Emotional, Cognitive, Literacy, Language, Mathematics, Physical, Science, Arts, and Social Studies.

Our themes run for four weeks, and during that time, your child works on developing a variety of skills while increasing their general knowledge base. Examples of some of our goals each theme include:

A positive sense of self


Communication skills 

An interest in learning more

Connection building

Creative expression 






A sense of community

We achieve these goals through a warm and supportive environment that invites creativity, the freedom to make mistakes, openness, and loving interactions between children and caregivers. Our teachers and families serve as models by showcasing positive, respectful, and friendly communication with each other and the children.

We support children as they express themselves through various means of communication, including verbal, artistic expression, dance, and play. We encourage active participation in music lessons, circle times, games, design challenges, and stories.

As children learn to be part of a group, they become more effective communicators as they learn to share their thoughts and listen to others. Children who are given opportunities to collaborate and share ideas develop confidence and problem-solving skills. When they are exposed to others' thoughts, feelings, and cultures, they develop empathy. Most importantly, our child-based activities invite them to be a part of a group as they learn what it means to belong to a community. 


18 Month- & Three-Year-Old Program

The end of the toddler years is an age of new independence, skills, and expression. Our 18 Months & Three-Year-Old program is designed to aid our youngest learners as they navigate the path from infancy to preschool. 

Our teachers guide and support the children by encouraging them to try new things, gain independence and confidence, and provide love and comfort all day long through each child's ups and downs. 

Sunflower utilizes theme-based learning to teach children about the world around them while fostering physical and mental growth in a loving, safe, and supportive environment. 

Our 18-month-old and three-year-old Programs offer sensory-rich, explorative, and investigative experiences through science experiments, art projects, and an ample supply of quality educational toys.

Our teachers use daily circle time, science exploration, open-ended art, and center-based activities that support play with purpose.


Four- & Five-Year-Old Program

Our Four- & Five-Year-Old-Program will prepare your child for the transition to Kindergarten. We continue to build upon the themes of independence and self-expression and emphasize the importance of the social and academic skills your child will need for success in school. 

Each month we focus on three "Letters of the Month," two numbers, a color, and a shape. These are reinforced and taught through the activities, art projects, songs, and stories the children partake in each month. All year long, children will watch our Word Wall grow as we incorporate and teach new sight words each week. 

Our teachers used specialized themed lessons that incorporate letters & phonics, mathematical concepts, physical activities, cognitive thinking, science, social studies, music, and social-emotional skills to educate the whole child and prepare them for the world of Kindergarten. 

As we prepare your child for their future schooling, we do it all in a loving, safe, and nurturing environment that provides them the experience to safely experiment, explore and express themselves. 



At Sunflower, we recognize the value music has to a child’s life. Many of a child’s early language experiences are through songs and fingerplays. Studies have shown that music increases a child’s brain development, including increased memory, emotional development and stimulating the same areas of the brain needed for reading and math. Via weekly music lessons, we capitalize on the learning power of music and movement.

In music classes, children at Sunflower will:

  • Learn about music from different cultures and different parts of the world

  • Learn how to play different musical instruments

  • Begin to understand the concepts of rhythm and beat (which help with math skills)

  • Memorize lyrics and songs (pre-reading skills)

  • Participate in dance and movement

  • Prepare for 3-5 performances per year 


We welcome both English and Russian-speaking children and their families at Sunflower and offer the chance for all children to become bi-lingual with regular Russian lessons. Research has discovered that learning a second language stimulates brain development in areas such as problem-solving, critical thinking, memory, and concentration.

In Russian lessons, children as Sunflower will:

  • Have opportunities to hear and speak Russian

  • Learn the Russian alphabet

  • Learn to read and recognize sight words in Russian

  • Build self-confidence as they practice with peers and teachers


At Sunflower, we understand the importance of a strong foundation in math and cognitive learning; that is why in addition to the children's daily exposure to mathematical and logical concepts, we provide additional math lessons.

During our structured math lessons, children at Sunflower will engage in activities that teach:

  • Colors

  • Shapes

  • Numbers

  • Spatial awareness

  • Ordinal numbers

  • Sequencing

  • Measuring

  • Comparison


Children love to dance, and it is also an excellent form of exercise! Preschool children should have two hours of physical movement daily, and dance is one way to achieve that goal! In addition to the physical benefits children receive from dancing; there are many cognitive and academic benefits.

In dance lessons at Sunflower, children will experience:

  • Rhythmic concepts (helps with math!)

  • Gross motor development

  • Counting and timing to the music

  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Practice following directions

  • Boosted memory

  • Creative expression 

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